The Legalities of Owning an App

So back in May 2012 I published an app entitled Food Substitutes.  This app was a team effort between my wife and me.  It was her idea and she came up with the content of the app.  I wrote all the code and figured out all the technical stuff.  It was a fun idea, my wife is a really good cook, and I was itching for a new project so I did it.  There are still many additional updates that I have planned for it but life and general busyness has stopped me from putting as much effort as I would like into continuing improvements (hoping that will change soon though).

Anyway around that time I started to realize that since this is a food related app and in this app why wife gives ideas (I hesitate to say advice) I should really think about the legalities of owning an app.  This thought led from one thing to the next until I came up with a list of questions that I had relating to legal issues that surround owning an app.  After a few quick Google searches I realized that this information was not as easily available as I had hoped.

In the end I did a lot of research, and a lot of it also counted as a project for my master’s degree.  I thought I would share what I learned.  Most of this research was done to publish an Android app but I would guess that most of it is the same for an iPhone app as well.

Please note that in no way am I attempting to give legal advice or support any websites that I have listed.  This is just a compilation of things I believe I learned.  I still recognize that there are many areas that I don’t I may be in error.  Please consult a lawyer or other legal counselor with any legal matters.