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Ok, so just by reading this question you can tell that I didn’t even understand enough to ask the right question.  When I said “Legal Disclaimer” I really meant an EULA (End User License Agreement).  So when do you need to include an EULA with your app?  There is a lot of vague answers out there and there is still a lot of gray area around EULA’s.  Honestly, I included an EULA in my app just because everyone else does, not because I had any idea why.

I liked the definition from WiseGEEK, they said “An EULA is an End User License Agreement, and is a license that grants a user the right to use a piece of computer software in a specific way. Usually, an EULA delineates the amount of computers a user can use the software on, how they can use the software, and any legal rights they are giving up by agreeing to the EULA.” (WiseGEEK – What is an EULA?)

EULA’s are kind of a funny thing because you are held accountable to them but most of the time you can’t even read them until after you buy the software (not that anyone besides lawyers reads them in the first place).  But situations like this have caused there to be some controversies in EULA’s and when court cases have arisen some courts go one way and some the other.

For creating my EULA, I used the tutorial found on Making Money with Android – How to add an EULA to your Android App.  It was really informative and helpful for me.

In the end I invite you to read over all the links I have found and make your own decision, but I figured it is better to be safe than sorry.  You may argue that it hurts the user experience, but most users out there are already trained to do this as part of the process.  It won’t hurt anything by being in there.




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